Tuesday, February 20, 2007

homemade bibs!

my friend erin (a.k.a aunt slappy) sewed cash and chloe the most beautiful bibs for their christening gifts! they are perfect in every way... size, absorbency and style! thanks erin!

i'm in!

we went to new jersey this past weekend to have cash baptised with his cousin chloe. it was a beautiful day! all the kids behaved wonderfully and we got to see so many family members and friends! here are some pics from the weekend:

my grandma with all 7 of her GREAT grandchildren!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

lots of pics!

cash likes to stand up so tall! i measured him today and i think we're at 27"!
everything goes right in the mouth!

bath time has become playtime!
the highchair is our new best friend! and the jumaproo is still a favorite so many toys and the solo cup wins!
we're still working on the tummy time thing...
probaby wondering if i'm going to torture him with more cereal
he doesn't even fit in the sink! what?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

growing like a weed!

i can hardly believe how big cash is getting. every morning when i go to his crib it looks like he grew an inch! about 2 weeks ago, kelly and i thought he might have an ear ache or something because he was being so fussy- so we called the doctor and were told that he was going through a growth spurt. well, i'd say he did! he's now in 9 month clothing, size 3 diapers and sitting up like a big boy in his high chair! the cereal thing still isn't going so well, but we're trying!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

cereal day 1!

so we decided it was time for little henry cash to have some cereal... well, you can tell from his face what he thought of it. day one didn't go as planned and he didn't swallow one bit of it. however on day 2, although he did grimace, he swallowed much more and then took an hour and a half nap! coincidence?! i hope not! day 3 cereal is going to be right before bedtime...

cereal day 2!